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About Us

Morada Produce is a family owned packer/shipper of cherries, onions, and bell peppers. Headquartered in the fertile San Joaquin County, Morada Produce is owned by the Foppiano family, whose farming traditions began during the California Gold Rush in 1849. Rooted in deep farming history, Morada Produce continues to honor its collaborative relationships with growers, customers, and the land.

Because of this respect of collaborative relationships, Morada Produce is happy to share its expertise with grower and customer. Customer service is a priority—from sharing expertise in growing and marketing to providing superior support throughout the growing/packing and shipment processes—Morada Produce’s top priority is assisting growers and customers reach their goals. With many combined years of experience in farming, field operations, production, and sales and marketing, the Morada Produce team is responsive to growers and customer’s needs.

Innovation and creativity have also played an important role in Morada Produce’s success. The company’s vision to integrate research and implementation of state-of-the-art technology has greatly increased customer and grower satisfaction. One example of this is the use of optical sorting equipment throughout the years, constantly analyzing and upgrading to the most advanced systems available. It is this spirit of creativity and innovation that has accelerated the company’s growth, while giving them the opportunity to meet the needs of their growers, customers and employees. A unique aspect of Morada Produce is that it is also one of its largest growers — over 50% of their volume is company grown and owned. 

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