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Family owned and operated by the Foppiano family, Morada Produce is owned by Henry J. (Skip) Foppiano III. Skip’s dedication and respect for his family’s farming traditions grew from generations past, beginning with his great grandparents Giovanni and Caterina Foppiano. Giovanni and Caterina moved from Italy to California in 1849. One of the earliest settlers in the Waterloo area in Central California, Giovanni planted one of the first orchards in the region. Growing up within a farming culture, Skip was inspired to carry on his family’s traditions, bringing the same passion to farming as his father, Henry J. Foppiano, Jr. and grandfather, Henry J. Foppiano Senior, before him. The knowledge Skip gained, the relationships built, and his careful stewardship of the land he owned, are a testament to the honest and thoughtful way he has grown Morada Produce over the years.

Morada Produce is located adjacent to one of the family-owned walnut orchards. The Foppianos are still very much a part of the day-to-day management at Morada Produce. Skip’s extensive knowledge of farming and production continues to guide the design and technological improvements of the impressive facilities. While Lynette, Skip’s wife of over 30 years, created almost all of the artwork for the well-known Morada Produce cherry labels. The Foppianos have successfully transformed their business into one of California’s largest packer/shippers of cherries, onions, and bell peppers. During peak production times, growers and customers will see Skip in the field, on the packing line, and interacting with production staff. His commitment to servicing clients’ needs ensures a positive experience and outcome for both grower and customer. 

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