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Morada Produce understands and constantly analyzes consumer preferences and buying habits. As factors change, Morada Produce responds by giving customers a variety of versatile packaging solutions to best meet consumer's demands. The production team consistently assesses packaging options to help reduce shrink and increase profitability for retail and import partners.

Morada Produce offers California Cherries from the beginning of California's Harvest season to the End. We Procure and Grow premium quality Cherries in the South, Central, North, and Coastal Valley's. 

Red Cherry Varieties Typical Harvest Timing Growing Regions White Cherries Typical Harvest Timing Growing Regions
Brooks April 29th - May 20th  South/Central Rainier May 13th - June 20th All
Tulare May 8th - May 28th South/Central            
Coral May 15th - June 3rd Central/North            
Garnet May 10th - May 25th Central/North            
Chelan May 20th - June 3rd North              
Bing May 20th - June 25th North/Coastal            


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